30 Warning Signs You’re Heading In The Wrong Direction

Does it feel good to know that you are heading in the wrong direction? Of course it does not, but would you rather know that you are heading in the wrong direction or not know and find out only at the end of your journey? This is why there are warning signs we all need to take care of and notice that indicate we are headed for a dead end. The first step is noticing the signs, followed by an action you take to correct and readjust your path. It is just like taking a detour to reach your destination.

Sometimes it is actually a blessing to know that you are headed in the wrong direction, because this gives you a chance to re-coordinate and redefine your goals and direction. Moreover, sometimes it is just that you need to re-correct your direction and not necessarily change your whole direction altogether. However, even if you were to change your whole direction or do something completely different, then there’s always a lesson to be learned. This is very similar to committing mistakes, if we do not fall in mistakes; we will never learn and as a result will not improve and become better.

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Below are some of the warning signs you might experience when heading in the wrong direction:

1. Someone Has Made Your Decisions For You

Are you taking control of your life? Are you making your own decisions or are you having someone else make the decisions for you? Some people find it hard seeing that life is customizable and that you do not always have to be put on the default setting. You are free to live your life on your own and not based on what someone else believes or perceives. This is because each one of us has an internal fire that guides us to what will make us feel happy and alive. You are the one responsible to keep this fire lit.

2. Living For Others
It is always good and refreshing to be helpful to others and caring about them. However, this should not go to the extreme since moderation is a key in life. The reason why a noble act like this should not go to the extremes is because once it passes off limits and crosses the red line, it affects you and your health and this is not desirable. Start living for yourself and taking care of your health to pay more attention to your goals and achieve what is important to you.

3. No Hobbies Or Activities

Do you have hobbies and/or activities under your belt? Do you take some time off your busy schedule to make sure you participate in something you love? If you answered this with “No, I’m busy” then you need to starting looking and finding your talent, passions, and love, and start to embrace them. Design your life and fill it with stress relieving activities in order to help you move on to the right direction.

4. Doing The Safe Thing
Feeling safe is something that is priceless and something that cannot be compensated, but is it always the right thing to do? What we are talking about here is staying safe and not stepping out of the box or the comfort zone. Sometimes you need to step out of your comfort zone to challenge yourself and become better. Stepping out of your comfort zone means that you are willing to change and adapt, which allows for growth and overcoming fears. Even if you fail a couple of times before chasing your dream, as long as you try something new this will be better than just sitting still and never trying at all.

5. Choosing The Easiest Option
Choosing the easiest option might make it seem like it is the closest path to your destination and dreams. However, we need to face the fact that nothing in life is easy and thus picking the easiest path is not always the best pick. You need to chase your dreams for a long time sometimes to achieve them, as they will not be given to you.

6. Not Going Full-In
One thing everyone knows is with great work come great results. Good things come to individuals that put in the required effort. Nowadays we focus on ‘quick fixes’ rather than going about the whole procedure. For example, if we have a cold or headache, we will take medication rather than drinking natural teas and herbs to get better. Alas, no amount of shortcuts replaces the old-fashioned hard work and dedication that gets you far. If you believe in something, do not be afraid to go in with all your power and might. Now is your time to shine and break from shell to chase your longing goals.

7. All You See Are Obstacles
Sometimes we think that are a lot of obstacles in our way when we are doing something we desire. But have you ever tried to look at an obstacle from a different perspective? There is usually a big difference when you do that; you could end up viewing an obstacle as an opportunity.

Let me give you an example. Imagine you apply for a teaching job and obviously realize that you need to stand in front of students to teach them as part of the job. However, you are not a big fan of presentations and find that an obstacle that holds you back from applying. Moreover, looking at this from a different point of view, you could realize that this is actually an opportunity to augment your presentation skills and boost your communication with others that could serve a good purpose in the future. That is why we need to look at the positives and discard the negatives.

8. Focusing On The Negatives
There is always going to be a positive side and a negative one to everything and it is up to us to view things in a certain way. There is a lot of problems in life that waiting to be addressed and so when you see problem above problem above problem, think of it as a pile of opportunity instead of thinking that there is no end to these problems and the work needed. Having the ability to transform obstacles into opportunities will provide you with powerful chance to succeed.

9. Having A Random Schedule
Scheduling your days and life in general is such a powerful tool that helps put things in order and helps organize tasks. Having a random schedule where you wake up every day trying to remember the different task you have to do especially if you someone that is busy is not the right thing and could make it harder to reach your goals.

10. Working Hard But Not Seeing Progress
Ever been in a situation where you put in the effort and work hard but did not get the outcome you wanted? Focusing your attention on the right things in the right way could lead you closer to success and happiness in life. We have limited time and energy and thus need to make and spend our resources carefully and effectively. You could feel like you are working really hard but you could be implementing the wrong method for a certain task.

11. Unfinished Projects
Do you have a number of projects in mind that you already started but did not get to finish any of? Unfortunately, we are judged by the tasks we finish and not the ideas we have in mind or even the projects we started. Starting excuses and leaving business undone is not the right way of doing things. Instead of that, focus on one or two project that are most important and stay with them until you complete them.

12. Too Busy For Other Important Aspects
Are you too busy working to create a quality life that you forget or do not have the time to sit and connect with people in an effective and kind manner? Work is a very important part of life but there are many other personal things that could be of equal importance you need to take care of such as family and health.

13. Not Saying The Truth
Truth and honesty are characteristics that all humans should have because they are essential to get the trust of others and to live life correctly. Truth could sometimes hurt and hurt badly but we still need to get it out because if we do not, who knows, when the truth is known the situation could be even worse.

14. Not Making Time For Others
Arising from the nature of humans and that they are social beings, people like to become friends and spend time with each other. However, when someone creates time for you, you are expected to create time for them too because there needs to be a mutual connection for this friendship to work. Make sure you commit to this so that you maintain friendships and relationships.

15. Surrounding Yourself With Worthless People
Since friends are essential in our lives, we need to choose those who suit us and bring the best out of us. Make sure to surround yourself with individuals who are not only there when everything is going well, but those who you are sure will support you when in a bad spot. Remember, people come and go and so do not hold on to those who already let go of you.

16. No Time To Stay Fit
Are you a very busy individual that leave the house early morning and return late at night and absolutely have no time to exercise? Well, if you want to maintain your progress and continue doing what you love and are passionate about for the longest time possible then you need to maintain good health and fitness.

17. Focusing On Quantity Rather Than Quality
Quantity versus quality, which one do you think would prevail? If you are a company manager and view an employee’s portfolio and see that this person has completed a lot of tasks but with poor quality, it could create some problems. This depends from activity to activity but most of the time quality is preferred over quantity and this is something we need to take care of.

18. Lack Of Respect
Respect is a very important mutual feeling that needs to be exchanged between people. Without respect, relationships will be falling apart and you will be removing people from your friends’ list.

19. No Confidence
Who would not like to be confident in life? Sometimes certain things happen in life that throw us off the edge and make us feel we are worthless. However, this is a bad spot we need to get out of in order to move in the correct direction.

20. Over Confidence
This is the opposite of the previous point where you have no confidence. Being overconfident can sometimes turn against you and affect relationships as well as the way you carry things out. Just make sure you are confident in moderation.

21. You Think Money Is The Solution
Many people still to this day think that money is the ultimate solution to everything. Well, it might be the solution to many different things but not everything. Money is not the solution to happiness.

22. You Are Focused On What Feels Good Not Right
Have you ever done something that you thought did not feel right but felt good? Well, even though this feeling is good, performing that activity could lead you astray and cause a lot of problems. A big example of this is addiction.

23. You Frown More Than You Smile
Learn to smile more as this will enlighten your days further and make you feel happy the decisions you made and thus move along the correct road to your goals.

24. You Do Not Feel Satisfied
This is linked somehow to being happy and smiling. Being happy causes you to be satisfied with whatever situation you are put in. However being dissatisfied with your situation only causes you to deteriorate to the worse.

25. Not Willing To Volunteer
One thing that might not be obvious regarding volunteering is that volunteering at different events opens up room for communication, connections, and new opportunities. Not making use of this tool could lead to moving in the wrong direction.

26. You Are Not Moving In Any Direction
Did you realize that if you stay still and are not moving in any direction you could actually be losing something? It is always safer to try to improve and be dynamic rather than just standing still and not doing much.

27. Losing Sight Of Values
Everyone in this life lives with a certain self-defined set of values and principles. Losing sight of these values and principles could prove an issue and could lead the person down the wrong track of life.

28. Having Bad Habits
Bad habits are activities and actions waiting to evolve into bad addictions. Continuing with these bad habits could cause a lot dilemma in life, so make sure you save yourself before falling victim to bad habits’ bigger sibling known as addiction.

29. Not Having Goals
Setting goals is important for the ultimate reason that you cannot achieve your goals if you do not set any, agree? Besides this is sometimes how we define ourselves; through our goals and dreams.

30. Giving Up On Your Passion
A passion is something you love and feel interested in doing and continuing for a long time. Now, that does not mean that things will be easy at the beginning, but you need to stick to your passion(s) in order to get somewhere.

There are countless signs that you could be doing something wrong and heading the wrong direction. It might sound hard to take care and be aware of all these signs but we need to try to limit these signs or eliminate as much of them as possible.
What have I missed? Please do tell!
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