I will castrate you if you step foot in Zimbabwe – Mugabe warns Raila Odinga


Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugambe has banned CORD’s Leader Raila Odinga from visiting Zimbabwe. He has ordered the much feared Anti-Terror Police to keep a keen eye to ensure the CORD Leader does not sneak in the Country to inspire Opposition and plot his defeat.

Speaking at a function in Marondera, where he was addressing the war veterans of the Independence Struggle, President Mugambe was clear through his speech while punching the air with his left fist…

“Raila Odinga is a rogue politician from Kenya, a treacherous man who is on a mission to plant his friends as Presidents all over Africa so that he become a powerful AU Chairman, one day should they defeat him there in the ballot. See what he did in Nigeria, Tanzania, Ivory Coast and is on the verge of doing so in Uganda with his Kiiza Besigye who today has achieved a Cult-like status with near fanatical support that only Raila commands in the whole of Africa.

Here we will not at all let him turn his erstwhile friends Tendai Biti or Morgan to kick me out; No way, I will rule for 90 more years. I have ordered the Airforce to down any plane carrying that Lunatic Raila and his gang of ballot Coup plotters against sitting Presidents in Africa. I have ordered the border Guards to be very keen to ensure Raila doesn’t sneak through undetected”, he said, amid cheers from War Veterans.

“How can we miss to sleep just because of Raila, who the hell is he and who does he is ?. We will arrest him and Castrate him long before he (and his Team) helps Morgan or Biti to overthrow me as President”, Concluded Mugambe amid cheers of “ban ! ban ! ban !” from the War Veterans.
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