How you become a famous “Terrorist Expert” on social media.

Elijah J. Magnier


Whether you are a bored, retired civil servant, a journalist, a blogger, or just a young enthusiastic ambitious person looking for fame, all you have to do is to present yourself as a Terrorist Expert. If you are smart enough to learn a few words of Arabic and train yourself to pronounce them well, you can become an ATE, an “Arabic Terrorist Expert”. In fact, your orphan Arabic words sound better if pronounced with a western accent. This will impress, show a lot of intelligence, and certainly demonstrate a huge amount of knowledge! This is why “experts” use Arabic words to an audience who hardly know where Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Yemen are on the map.

The next step is to go on social media and follow accounts of Al-Qaeda franchises and the “Islamic State” group of “keyboard jihadists” for you to reproduce and post their stuff. When you see…

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