How PAP acquired IPTL for almost nothing and looted US$124m from the BoT

Kuna #MapapaUfisadi na #ManyangumiUfisadi, nitamuelewa mh Rais Magufuli ikiwa ataamua kujitoa muhanga juu ya hili, kinyume chake yatakuwa yale yale #Divai Ile Ile kwa Kiriba kipya!


“The impact of Independent Power Tanzania Limited (IPTL) on Tanzanian power policy and performance since 2004 has been almost wholly negative. IPTL undermined government attempts to reduce dependence on hydro-power and diesel to generate electricity by exploiting the country’s plentiful natural gas deposits. IPTL originated in high-level discussions between Tanzanian and Malaysian politicians in the early 1990s. Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed promoted Malaysian business in Africa, including Tanzania, as a means of furthering ‘South-South Cooperation’ and overcoming the economic dominance of the West. Thus, IPTL was originally ‘fast-tracked’ by the GoT, in the process sidelining the development of gas-fired power….” Continue to read the Briefing Paper by Zitto Kabwe (MP), Chair of PAC.

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